Getting into 2017 this year is a special year to me as it marks 20 years my presence in Romania, and specifically in the capital of Romania Bucharest – Bucuresti as it is called in the Romanian language. (more…)

A short review of the exchange rate in 2014

The exchange rate has been a relatively constant one, with 4,48 Lei for an Euro at the beginning of 2014 and 4,47 towards the end of December. In January the Eur/Leu exchange rate started with a report of 4,48 and ended on a slightly ascending trend (4,49) with a maximum of 4,54.
In february, the ascending trend continues, with a 4,49 report at the end of the month. March redirects the exchange rate towards 4.45, and April keeps the same direction and ends with 4,45. In May, the national currency strengthens to 4,39. June confirms the tendency with 4,38. The Summer months keep the report to 4,41, just like September and October. In November the Euro outruns the Leu slightly to 4,47.


Speaking with investors who invested in Romania, when they are asked to express their feelings of choosing Romania for their investments some of them are deeply disappointed, whereas some others are very pleased. When investigating the area of investments of the two categories, i.e those pleased and those disappointed it is easy to understand the feelings behind each category of investors. (more…)