Getting into 2017 this year is a special year to me as it marks 20 years my presence in Romania, and specifically in the capital of Romania Bucharest – Bucuresti as it is called in the Romanian language.

On this occasion here are some remarks for Bucharest, which is considered as the Paris of Balkans.

Going to the city from the airport you pass from the Arcul de Triumph (Αψίδα του Θριάμβου) which was built in 1922 in honour of the Romanian soldiers who fought during the first world war. This is similar to the Arcul de Triumph in Paris.

One of the biggest buildings in the world (the biggest building in Europe and the second biggest in the world after Pentagon). This was built in 1984 on the instructions of Nicolae Tausescu, is 330.000 sq.m. and consists of 1100 rooms, 12 floors (underground and overfloor). After the revolution it was called Casa Poporului (House of the People) but later it was called Palatul Parliamentului (Parliament House) as the House of Parliament is there now and of course covers a very small part of the building. Now it houses also the National Museum of Modern Art.

Next to the above huge building and opposite the Marriott Hotel a very big church is under construction and will be the Metropolitan church of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The above are not the only site seeing places for the visitor, there are many places of interest, historical buildings, churches, and many parks offering abundance of greenery.

Bucharest with population of 2.3 million people has 6 sectors with corresponding 6 municipalities, coordinated by a General Municipality.

It is believed that the population of the city will grow substantially, and this is confirmed by the fact that the housing demand is showing substantial increase.

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