Getting into 2017 this year is a special year to me as it marks 20 years my presence in Romania, and specifically in the capital of Romania Bucharest – Bucuresti as it is called in the Romanian language. (more…)

Some points of interest to investors

I remember an incident which happened a few years back and I want to share it with friends and clients.

Around 2008 I was discussing with a client ( a reputable professional man from Cyprus) the possibility of him investing in Romania. I recommended to him to buy a building in the northern area of Bucharest which was let with an income of around 10% on the investment of E1 million euros. (more…)

Few thougths at the end of the year

Few thougths at the end of the year

The world didn’t end on the 21st of December, but businessmen have been forced by the global crisis to either adapt or disappear. We can say that the financial world, the way we knew it, is over, and that a new economy based on efficacy, predictability and a more rigorous control of investments is born. (more…)