Some points of interest to investors

I remember an incident which happened a few years back and I want to share it with friends and clients.

Around 2008 I was discussing with a client ( a reputable professional man from Cyprus) the possibility of him investing in Romania. I recommended to him to buy a building in the northern area of Bucharest which was let with an income of around 10% on the investment of E1 million euros. (more…)

The liar shepherd

The liar shepherd

I remember now another story which I think is very useful for children to listen and learn from it.

A shepherd decided one day to play games with his co-villagers and started all of a sudden shouting and asking for help saying that a wolf was killing his sheep. (more…)

The liar shepherd

The Crow and the Fox

 A nice tale from Aesop that came back recently to my memory and I wanted to share it with you:

A Crow (black big bird) which was on a tree with a piece  of cheese in its mouth. The sly fox was watching the craw and it used a clever way to get the cheese. (more…)