Romania represents an opportunity to develop businesses in various sectors. Now 3 decades after the reunification of Europe, Romania is still an area offering opportunities in several areas.
For those considering expanding their business, Romania offers a unique opportunity in the type of business they are considering.

Investments in properties and photovoltaic projects offer good opportunities for successful investments. In Romania there is no system of registered lands (like in Cyprus) so before proceeding a thorough investigation regarding the title of the land which includes investigating the chain of titles from the ‘Titlu de Proprietate” which means ownership title issued by the court after Romania changed from the communist system to free economy.

Apart from the investigation of the chain of ownerships the usual feasibility study is necessary to estimate the total expenditure compared to the expected income in order to estimate that there is a good return. The best kind of property investment is the investment in income fetching properties, i.e. properties which can be rented and get regular income.

In the period before the international economic crisis in 2012 which of course affected Romania some investors bought agricultural lands, paid a lot of money to make plans for developments and after the economic crisis, things changed with a result the demand of most of these lands to change and restricted only for agricultural purposes with prices being a fraction of the cost.

Some of these investors who suffered losses in this way they feel that Romania is not a good place for investments. This of course is not correct.

When Romana changed to the free economy system, non-residents could not buy property in their name but had to establish a company in Romania through which could buy property. This has changed now and a non-resident can buy property in Romania in his/her name but has to appoint a Romanian resident to act as his/her personal/legal representative and handle all matters relating to the property, e.g. paying taxes etc.

Anyone wishing to start a business or invest in Romania needs to do so with an open mind, but also with care. Whilst Romania is a safe country to invest in from the physical as well as the legal perspective, care is needed. It is important to get full advice and help from a local professional from whom to get all relevant information. Choosing of such professional is very important and therefore must be someone to whom the investor can put full trust.

Our BESTSERVUS GROUP OF COMPANIES in Romania with 25 year’s experience, through our office in the centre of Bucharest, can offer advice to interested investors, and also manage the investment with full cooperation with the owner.

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