In one of our previous blogs I presented something which
appeared in one of the brochures of the Bucharest Chamber of
Commerce: THE OATH OF THE MERCHANTS – It was a photocopy in
Greek Language ‘Ο όρκος των Εμπόρων’ and was done in
Constanta Romania, in 340 A.D.

On9th July every year we remember the execution of Archbishop Kyprianos of
Cyprus by the Turkish occupationforeces, we read that Archbishop Kyprianos
studied in Iasi Romania, where they made a church service for the start of the
independence fight of the Greeks against the Turks. When Kyprianos came to 
Cyprus he became archbishop and was executed by the Turks because they
suspected that he was involved in the uprising.

Also Alexander Ypsilandis who was a prince in Moldovlachia (today Romania) was
 leader in the 1821revolution of the Greeks for independence.

All above show the relationship between Romania, Greece and Cyprus from old times.

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