1. Economic Growth forecasts classify Romania on top of the European countries with estimated 3% growth for the years 2014-16. The country is also ranking on top regarding GDP which is estimated to exceed 5% increase.
  2. Foreign investors from China and other countries are investing in Romania, in sectors like property development and Green Energy.
  3. The Real Estate Sector is showing signs of recovery, with some areas recording an increase in transactions and prices.
  4. In the property sector, especially in the area of office buildings, an investor can buy a property which is rented (so having an immediate return) with a return on investment 10% or even more. In this sector, if a contractor starts a project which will finish in say 2 years, for sale, can estimate a substantial profit.
  5. Investment security in Real Estate in Romania ranks also high, as the constitution of the country provides a strong protection of private ownership, provided a thorough examination of the titles is made before proceeding with the sale-purchase agreement.
  6. Bearing all above in mind, a prospective investor can decide whether to invest in Bucharest Romania or in another European city (like London and Berlin) with a return limited in the latter case to one fourth or one third of the estimated return in similar investment in Bucharest.
    THE ABOVE ARE MY VIEWS… and I shall be glad to discuss with anybody who may contact me.
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