The world didn’t end on the 21st of December, but businessmen have been forced by the global crisis to either adapt or disappear. We can say that the financial world, the way we knew it, is over, and that a new economy based on efficacy, predictability and a more rigorous control of investments is born.

Romania hasn’t been spared by the European debts crisis, but the effects were not so dramatic after the IMF and the European institutions forced the governments at Bucharest to apply tough reforms. Of course there is always room for improvement in order to attract more foreign investors. If 2012 has been yet another challenging year, 2013 will be one in which those who invested wisely will start seeing the results of their efforts.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


ANDREAS KAKOFENGITIS is Chief Executive of Bestservus Group, a qualified accountant and banker with long experience in the financial sector in Cyprus, England and Romania. He is also a humorous guy with a lot of stories to share.
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